Contribution Ticket


Contribution Tickets for Fuego Austral 2022 are unavailable at the moment.

Tickets for Fuego Austral 2022 are not available yet. Follow us on our Social media platforms to get more info on dates and important stuff.

You have the chance of contributing with extra money that will be used to fund works of art and N.T.U.M. (I don’t have a dime) scholarships. Fuego Austral is a space of co-creation, so collective construction implies the contribution of all. If we want it to be inclusive, we must cover the costs among all of us.

You have several payment options by credit card and you can also do it in cash through RapiPago or PagoFácil.

We suggest you follow us on Facebook and on Twitter and so you stay informed of the news, informative meetings and ways to participate in this temporary city that is already shaping up.

We also suggest that you browse our website, read the 10 principles, the Survival guide and the Frequently asked questions, so that you can better understand the experience in which we are embarking.

“The experience will be what we make of it”

See you very soon.

* Fuego Austral is a non-profit civil association and all proceeds are used exclusively to cover the costs of conducting the event. The financial report of the previous editions is published on our website: